Maxwell grows in the Shipping Industry

Trade Ocean’s Maxwell  Dzanibe recently completed his National Diploma in Maritime Studies, a three year course at the Durban University of Technology (DUT).

Maxwell is the Ships Agency Operations Coordinator in Trade Ocean’s Durban office.

I sacrificed a lot of time and money.  But I will be able to progress in the Ships Agency industry. The new skills and techniques learnt will help me to advance.

I enjoy the atmosphere in Trade Ocean, Durban. We treat each other with kindness and we succeed as a team.

The best aspect of my job is seeing our clients smile. I thrive on taking responsibility and supporting the management team.  I have a chance to apply what I learnt about shipping.

My mentor is Mr Pedro Paulino.  He is very experienced and a trusted adviser. He taught me how to be – and think like – a Ships Agent.    

Congratulations Maxwell,  Trade Ocean is proud of you!