The Global Logistics Network (GLN) conference was held in Bangkok from 5 to 7 Oct 2014. The network meets once annually to discuss current and future business with partners within the network. Andre Assam, the Clearing and Forwarding Manager and Gunnar Engbers, Ships Agency Director from the Cape Town office attended the conference.

This year Trade Ocean was awarded the title of Most Valuable Member: Middle East and Africa for its outstanding service. “I was very happy we won the award!” recounts Andre. “Winning means a lot, because our current partners on the GLN list can see that we’re passionate about what we do”, says Andre.

Against the backdrop of a global market, the take home message for Andre was that the market is extremely cluttered. Andre explains, however, that while there are many agents offering the same service, there is a clear opportunity for companies with clear, coherent communication strategies to capture market share.

On the final evening of the conference, a cultural evening was held. Delegates were asked to wear traditional clothing pertaining to their nationalities. Andre arrived as an avid Springbok rugby fan and Gunnar as a typical ‘braai-er’. Andre laughs as he recalls the evening and says, “What happens in Bangkok, stays in Bangkok”. Gunnar laughed and assures readers that everything was well above board and good fun was had by all.

While this is Andre’s third visit to Bangkok, he still marvels at the disposition of the people. He explains, “Although it is rather a poor country, the people in Bangkok appreciate everything they have”.

-The Editor