Trade Ocean does not shy away from a challenge. That is why we were not at all fazed when the opportunity presented itself to handle the recent tug and tow of the Salvage Champion and Discovery II.

The project entailed eight river barges and two deck houses (total barge length 122 meters and GRT 9119) that were loaded in Shanghai. The trip from China to Cape Town took 50 days, streaming at about 7 knots.

Its final destination is Rotterdam in the Netherlands with the estimated time of arrival 4 March.

According to the Master, the crew was extremely relieved that they did not experience any heavy seas around the Cape of Good Hope – just a week earlier the weather had been very bad with strong winds.

“The towing route displays how long and extensive this journey has been and there is still a long way to go. We are really proud to be part of this successful project,” says Regan Fredericks who represented Trade Ocean on this challenging and interesting job.