We also got into the head of Marchallyno Nakuafila.

Your COVID-19 mask is…
Comfortable and swag!

Chicken of beef?
I prefer chicken, because beef just makes me heavier after eating it. 

Who gets the last parachute? Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck?
I’ll give my last parachute to Mickey Mouse because Walt Disney started with him. Besides, everybody likes him.

Who will smash COVID-19? The Flash or Batman?
I’ll choose Batman. He is the Cape Crusader, the Dark Night, true detective, he knows things before they happen. The Flash is just fast. 

Batman is a good choice Marchallyno. Chuck Norris is also an option. Did you hear that Chuck died from COVI-19? But he came back to life and COVID-19 had to go into quarantine for two weeks!