Tide spoke to Gabi Scott about Project Sonic.

Everything going according to plan?
Projects very rarely go exactly according to plan! Project management is the constant balancing of quality, cost and time, and the hallmark of a good project is the ability to adjust and respond to new situations or information as it arises. In the same way that a 7 day weather forecast is adjusted on a daily basis, so is Project Sonic’s timeline adjusted as needed.

Certain milestones and timelines have been re-adjusted, but that is the sign of a responsive plan. In the words of Winston Churchill, “Those who plan do better than those who do not plan even though they rarely stick to their plan.”

How are staff embracing the project?
In general, the majority understand the broader business need for change as well as the benefits that Project Sonic will deliver to the Trade Ocean Group. A cross section of people are actively involved in project workshops, data cleansing and testing activities. Their input and hard work is appreciated. At the same time, we also appreciate those who have to pick up work while their colleagues are involved in project activities.

Fear of the unknown and some anxiety is also natural at this stage as it’s not easy for people to imagine how the new system will look and feel. However, a recent series of communication sessions across the country seemed to be well received and there is definitely an openness and willingness to change.

Change is good. In fact, be more scared if your company is not changing than if change is happening!