Kim Correia talks about her experience of lockdown and what it taught her. 

I missed the freedom of going out and enjoying life, especially with family and friends. Going to the library, catching a quick coffee with a friend, enjoying live music events and open markets. But I actually enjoyed some aspects of lockdown. Indoors with game nights, reading and re-decorating or de-cluttering the home. Enjoying nature, walks with my husband and dog. Cooking more, experimenting – baking rolls, scones and making pizza from scratch. 

In my opinion, the restrictions have been helpful in preventing the spreading of COVID 19 but we need to now get on with living our lives. 

We still need to be vigilant and maintain the recommended mask wearing, hand washing and social distancing etc.

It’s also important to learn from other nations on how to navigate through this pandemic so that we don’t encounter a 2nd wave.

We have to adapt to the new normal. There is no getting around the pandemic, we have to go through it. COVID will be around for some time. Adapt and be sensible while living our best lives. 

I have learnt that you must live in the present, appreciate the people in your life and be grateful for what you have.  

Hey Kim, looking forward to some fresh baked scones! Thanks for your thoughts.