Import and Export of Dangerous Goods

There are a plethora of laws and customs regulations surrounding dangerous goods shipping, which is why the process should be entrusted to a professional handling company with a track record of dangerous goods shipping support. At Trade Ocean, we offer dangerous goods shipping services via air, sea and road freight.

Having our offices strategically positioned near Southern Africa’s main ports in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Walvis Bay, gives us easy access to the various authorities where documentation for the dangerous goods declaration and transport needs to be lodged.

Our staff are rigorously trained and geared to handle hazardous goods shipping efficiently and safely. We pride ourselves on our ability to ensure that all cargo containing dangerous and hazardous goods, whether it is being imported or exported, is managed within the confines of the appropriate legislation. Trade Ocean is a member of a Global International Group of professional hazardous cargo service providers, whose members all subscribe to the same safety codes of practice.

Trade Ocean offers a competitive door to door service that ensures the successful handling, transportation and shipping of dangerous goods between 107 cities globally. Our services include packaging goods with appropriate labels and signs, clearing and forwarding dangerous goods, as well as handling the documentation involved in customs regulations and storage.

Contact Trade Ocean if you require a reliable service provider to take care of the logistics and transportation of your dangerous goods.