Lions of the desert

The Desert Lion Energy (Canada) executive and management team along with their clients from China spent some time with Trade Ocean on a recent visit to Namibia. They were here to visit the mine and port.

Desert Lion Energy is mining Lithium Ore, in the small town Karibib. They started mining towards the end of last year and the first shipment of 30 000 tons is scheduled to be shipped mid-April. Currently, the product is transported by road to Walvis Bay Bulk Terminal. The future plan is to involve the railway as well. This will be continuous business.

Trade Ocean manages the transporters, stockpiling of the product and all negotiations with the authorities and contractors. Trade Ocean is also the nominated agent for the vessel.


Simply the best!

At October’s Elite Global Logistics Network conference in Vietnam, Andre Assam happily accepted awards on behalf of Trade Ocean, one being for Best Operations 2017. Great to be on a winning team!


Brand Masters

The two Trade Ocean Brand Masters for the quarter are Cape Town’s Nigel Davies and Walvis Bay’s Rudie Kleintjie. Congrats guys!!

Being acknowledged as a Brand Master is one thing but the reasons for being recognised are what drives our company. Let’s see what their colleagues said about them:


“… professionalism … composure under extreme pressure … did the work of a colleague who was on leave … very capable in adverse conditions …”


“… works hard … if he isn’t sure of something, he asks … accurate and quick … doesn’t complain when he has a heavy work load …”

What do your colleagues say about you? It has little to do with perception but everything to do with how people actually experience you. Think about what YOU would like THEM to say about you and then make it happen!”

Meet The Newbies

Welcome to….

Jane Pillay, Ships Agency Operations Coordinator, Durban.

Anton Nikonov, Ships Agent, Cape Town.

Aliyah Isaacs, Debtors Clerk, Cape Town.

Peter Stephenson, Accountant, Cape Town.

James Shipena, C&F Controller, Walvis Bay.


Jane: Passionate, positive, team player.

Anton: Positive, honest, helpful.

Aliyah: Positive, bubbly and friendly.

Peter: Patient, ethical, fulfilled.

James: Energetic, optimistic, enthusiastic.


Jane: Soccer, movies.

Anton: Drumming. Spend time with family and friends. Previously, fence and gymnastics.

Aliyah: Cooking, camping, puzzles.

Peter: Mountain biking, surf skiing, surfing, Enduro motorcycling.

James: Watching TV, reading newspapers and novels, fishing, doing charity work.


Jane: Wolf of Wall Street

Anton: Inglourious Basterds

Aliyah: Grease

Peter: Pulp Fiction

James: The Pursuit of Happiness


Jane: Butter Chicken

Anton: Ploz (Uzbek traditional dish).

Aliyah: Mom’s Chicken Tagliatelle.

Peter: Cottage Pie.

James: Pap and Vleis.


Jane: Orlando, Florida. I can take the kids to Disney Land.

Anton: Tokyo. A completely different culture. And I love sushi!

Aliyah: Any Mexican city. A culinary journey.

Peter: Vancouver. Amazing.

James: Reykjavik. The art scenes, the cool night life, the natural wonders.


Jane: Implement 3 day weekends.

Anton: I’d make everybody honest and open to each other so we can all work together.

Aliyah: Stop all wars.

Peter: Remove all forms of cruelty.

James: I will make everybody speak the same language.

It’s great to have such an interesting group of people joining Trade Ocean. Diversity is such a strength but what is it that binds us all together at Trade Ocean? Ask about our brand values – the common thread that makes our company great!

All The Best, Peter

Hanging up the hard hat.

Find out what Peter will be doing on retirement

After 45 years of service in the agency industry and over 10 years of loyal service to Trade Ocean, Peter has decided that the time is now right to hang up his hard hat and hook and take his well-deserved retirement. He will officially be on retirement as of 1 July 2017.

“Uncle Peter’s” contribution over the years as an Agent (particularly in the Japanese sector) his work ethic, sense of humour and his mentoring role to many of the “jongspan” has helped in no small measure to make Trade Ocean the company it is now. We will miss Peter and the value he brings to Trade Ocean and our clients.

But before dashing off on retirement Peter found time for a quick chat.

Peter, what are you going to be doing all day?

I have planned to indulge myself in a hobby of gardening, take a little holiday and then there’s repairs on my dream home.

You must have collected many memories over the years?

It all started when visiting Japan with David San and meeting the owners of all the fishing vessels. My fondest memory is working with the Chinese staff, especially Christopher Ding – a very colourful chap. My favourite staff member to terrorize is Hiro Shan!

You spent a lot of time with the Japanese. Tell us about them.

I like their style – they have such a clean nature. They are a hard- working and systematic nation with loads of respect for people and life.

Last thoughts?

I loved what I did for 45 years. When loving what you do, you tend to treasure the people you work with in general.

Peter, we wish you a very healthy, happy and long retirement!

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