As Trade Ocean unfolds plans to move to Number One in our field by 2026, MD Tony Pheiffer talks about what it can mean to staff.

First, let’s be clear what we are aiming for.

In 2026, we are rated Number 1 in delivering logistic solutions to our select markets. 

Is it ambitious? Yes! Is it realistic? Yes!

To put this in context, leadership is not always about being the biggest. It’s about being the smartest. The most in tune with customer needs, existing and emerging. It’s about being the most responsive to customer needs. It’s also about being the most-admired in the industry. It doesn’t mean being Number One to every man and his dog. It’s about being Number One where we choose to lead. This is where we’re going as a company. Over the next years, every thing that you and your colleagues do at Trade Ocean will take us one step closer to achieving our goal.

But what will it mean to you as an individual employee?

  • Learning. Very few people ever get to be a part of a “company on the move” in their entire careers. The experience will be valuable and the memories will be precious.
  • Prestige. How do Apple, Google and Nike employees feel? A cut above, bragging rights!
  • Marketability. We’d never want you to leave us but your value in the market will increase exponentially when employers hear that you’re from Trade Ocean.
  • Passion. Pitching up to work each day has so much more meaning when you are stretching towards something greater. It will require passion every day!
  • Recognition. Some people will stick up their hands and show leadership traits, which we will need. In fact, irrespective of your job title, you will all become accomplished leaders in your areas of expertise.
  • Kinship. You become a part of one “tribe”, all with the same vision, values and mission. One single-minded purpose.

As the days, weeks and months pass by, you’ll be experiencing more of road to 2026 and your role in the journey will become clear.