The success or otherwise of internal brand communications tells a story about the health of a brand and judging by the Tide’s performance, Trade Ocean is up there with the very best! 

Sherpa’s Gary Hendrickse who helps Juvena to compile Tide, reports that in terms of newsletter engagement rates, Tide’s numbers stack up with the iconic Googles and Apples of the world. Over the last year, Tide has recorded “views” and “clicks” ranging from 84% to 76%, equal to or above the benchmarks of the worlds very best. 

There are about five factors which contribute to the level of good engagement of company newsletters with only two directly linked to the newsletter itself: 

  • A good vibe in the company.  
  • People interested in what their colleagues are doing. 
  • Motivated executive, managers and staff. 
  • Frequency of communications, and 
  • Quality of the communication piece. 

The Tide’s performance is even more remarkable given that it is only published every quarter (which would ordinarily be considered as low frequency, hence lower engagement). 

Gary says that every brand needs its brand champions to drive it and Trade Ocean is no exception. 

“There would be no Tide without contributors. Juvena often has to work hard to source interesting stories which reflect Trade Ocean’s values in one way or another. Then you’ve got managers and staff who need no invitation to provide content and will practically kick the door down to contribute, mostly because they’re incredibly proud of their people and what they’re doing as a branch or department”.  

The Tide’s performance is seldom seen amongst large companies let alone smaller companies and says volumes about Trade Ocean and its people. Take a bow Trade Ocean!