As Project Sonic enters its final straight, Gabi Scott gives us an update on a project which pushed through lockdown and managed some curved balls thanks to the determination and agility of the project team and members, supported by an unwavering management and executive team. 

Curved balls 
Apart from lockdown and load shedding “aggravations”, any project of this scale attracts challenges. For example, as we progressed we uncovered business needs which had not been understood at the outset. Resource changes from our implementation partner BlueBridge did not help either, leading to the shifting of timelines. 

Final straight 
Despite the challenges, we now enter the final straight. Project members across the country have attended workshops and conducted tests on Zoom. The commitment of the project members was critical to the progress made to date. And it was nice to meet their children and pets too! We are now entering the final straight – customer invoices and payments – which could prove to be the most complex yet. 

Super Users 
We are now identifying people to act as “Super Users”. They will provide an on-the-ground support resource to their teams and in doing so, we will also be building a broad base of skills within Trade Ocean to ensure continuity once the project closes. We will be working with the “Super Users” to prepare them for this important role.

Throughout these testing times, the resilience and unwavering support has been first class and this commitment will yield an exciting new business system for Trade Ocean. The project team would like to thank everyone for their efforts!! 

Finally, in the words of one William Arthur Ward, “the pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails”.