Richard Day landed at Trade Ocean in May as a consultant before being appointed as Chief Financial Officer in August. 

Richard is a qualified Chartered Accountant who completed his articles in London with BDO. His BComm and Post Graduate in Property Studies was from Wits University and he is currently studying towards a Diploma in Corporate Finance.  

Richard, tell us about your world before Trade Ocean. 
After my articles I spent 5 years with the Royal Bank of Scotland Group in their private equity arm. Six years with ABN AMRO asset management and a couple of years as the head of UK and European finance operations with ICAP PLC. Towards the end of 2012, I took a role with Thomson Reuters and returned to South Africa. Prior to joining Trade Ocean, I was Financial and Commercial Executive of GAC Laser Logistics. 

What is your goal for Trade Ocean Finance? 
From a financial management perspective, within two years – or sooner – I’d like Finance to be a stable platform for future business growth. I’d like to see the business receiving reliable, timely and relevant financial data to help us to mitigate risk and grow.  

What traits do you admire most in employees? What annoys you? 
I love proactive and positive people who will go the extra mile for colleagues and customers. I’m not at all fond of gossipers and pot stirrers! 

Stepping out of the work environment…. 

I have a beautiful and fantastic wife, Christine, and together we have three kids: Ben (17), Robin (14) and Megan (10). The most recent addition to the family is Alli, a 5 month old Standard Poodle who eats everything, including the furniture! 

Chill time? 
I love sport, in particular rowing. I row for Alfreds Rowing Club. I’m also Treasurer of Peninsula Girls Rowing Club, which is a development rowing club, run out of Zeekoeivlei. This club absorbs a fair bit of my free time in terms of maintenance and boat fixing, but as Robin also does her rowing there, it’s great to be able to help out and see her and other new rowers progress.

I also enjoy travelling and getting outdoors, and will often be on the trail, either walking or on my bike. When in the Cederberg, you’ll find the family doing some rope climbing on the many beautiful craggs. Lastly, I’ve always enjoyed clay pigeon shooting, and have done a fair bit of this over the years.

All-time favourite movie?
Top-Gun. “You can run, but you can’t hide!”

The restaurant that you tell your friends about?
Strandloper on the West Coast! You have to make a day of it as there are so many courses and it’s all so fresh. The food is good and it’s great to be on the beach.

Thanks Richard. Magic to have you on board!