David Jooste provides some insight into where we are today and how we’ll be looking at tomorrow.  

David, how has lockdown affected Trade Ocean? 
We have been affected indirectly, particularly in RSA, as our clients have seen their volumes drop, and delayed payments have had a knock-on effect for us. We are expecting there will be some of our clients that will cease trading completely due to the poor economic conditions brought on by Corona. Fortuitously many of our clients are in essential services, and volumes, albeit reduced, have continued to flow. Nevertheless, we’ve had to cut our cloth accordingly, and significantly reduce our costs as all are acutely aware, having had to all participate in a significant reduction in payroll. 

Post COVID-19, back to norm? 
No, I see us having to be more agile in future, more adaptable to change, and more prepared for unforeseen events. We will need to be more conscious in scanning the horizon to understand and plan for whatever may come at us. 

Did working remotely work out well? 
For the most part, the transition to remote went well. Everyone chipped in with solutions on the fly, and put the business first. For that I must say a big thank you to all staff, for the mature and responsible way they have kept the wheels turning. It’s definitely opened our minds about doing some things with more savvy in future. 

Some staff still coming in? 
Yes, not all functions can be performed remotely. And so a number of staff have continued to come in to perform essential functions, with precautions, rotating where prudent, and keeping the wheels turning. 

David, what have you learnt personally from this crazy time? 
How adaptable and resourceful we truly are, when faced with serious challenges and we put our heads together, we find solutions, often with results that surprise us!