In these very serious times, we get into Hari’s head for some deep insights. 

Hari, in one sentence of 6 words, describe your COVID mask to us please.
Comfortable, reusable and cheap to replace

Chicken or beef? 

Cigarettes or alcohol? 
Alcohol 😊

What was the naughtiest thing you ever did as a kid?
I was generally a very obedient kid growing up, but I would have to say sneaking out at night during my adolescent years with my friends.

Who is the naughtiest person at Trade Ocean?
I am not sure, but if I had to choose it would be Rory (aka the rebel), Kim (aka my role model) and the entire finance department 😊

Who would beat COVID? Batman or Spiderman? 
Batman can beat anything!

Do you think that Donald Trump blow dries his own hair? And is Boris Johnson’s hairstyle natural or is he just a lazy comber? 
Donald Trump: No, he probably has an entourage of people make sure that he always looks beautiful

Boris Johnson: He has the hairstyle of a medieval monk

You’re in a failing aircraft with Donald Duck and Micky Mouse. You only have 2 parachutes and one is for yourself. Who do you give the other one to? 
It would not matter. Cartoon characters can survive a fall from any height so they both will survive.