Corlia de Villiers reflects on COVID.

I am glad that restrictions have been lifted but now we should be extra vigilant for the sake of our economy and the health of our nation. We must not lapse back to a total lockdown again.

In lockdown, I could enjoy a second cup of coffee in the mornings as I didn’t have to rush my kids to school. That was a positive! 

The biggest challenge of lockdown? Being a mommy, teacher, chef in the kitchen and part time gardener on weekends AND keeping my kids entertained. 

COVID showed me that freedom is an illusion, that the unexpected can change your life in a split second. Therefore, GO BIG OR GO HOME every single day. The whole COVID-19 pandemic taught me that you are always capable of making a plan, even though you may feel overwhelmed about the uncertainty of it all. Succeeding in achieving the desired outcome of your plan makes it so much better. Even if it was just to find a better work-home balance.

I’m looking forward to going camping again. I’ve learnt not to take every day for granted but to enjoy the small things in life. COVID-19 gave me a new respect for life. 

Thanks for a positive message, Corlia. Enjoy the camping!