1. No picnic.

You’re entering a period where your risk increases exponentially. No doubt, you’ll be spending more time on the road with road trips and seeing friends. But so will everybody else. Apart from all the good advice about never drinking and driving and not speeding, be extra vigilant. Unless you’re Italian, you just don’t enter a war zone with the same attitude as somebody going on a picnic. 

2. Raisin Valley.

 Make sure that your vehicle is roadworthy – that is a qualifier. But sometimes even the best made plans fall foul so make sure that you’ve got plenty of drinking water. You don’t want to break down and wait hours in the noon sun turning into a raisin while Riviersondermense Auto is out herding cats for the day.  

3. Back seat? Or boot?

Uber is great, especially when they have specials – watch out for these, you could save 30% at times. Most importantly, check the registration number of the vehicle fetching you against the number confirmed on your notification. Ideally, you’d like to relax in the back seat, not cramp up in the boot. 

4. Make like Bruce Willis.

With downgrades likely next year, if you’re struggling financially now then as sure as turkeys get nervous in November, it will get worse if you overspend in the silly season. You’ve got the most ruthless and cynical marketers known to mankind – banking and retail – trying to get you to spend money that you don’t have. Don’t succumb. When you are tempted to spend, get assertive and shout with middle finger raised: “NOT TODAY!!” 

5. True story.

Did you know that just 30 minutes of intense exposure to the sun in these holidays can manifest in skin cancer decades later? True story. You know the drill. Use sunscreen. Wear a hat. Stay out of the sun. Remember – not all sunscreens are born equal so please chat to your pharmacist and find the best one for you. And for the cool dudes out there, it really makes no sense wearing a cap where the peak faces backwards! 

We hope that this helps you to enjoy a safe festive season!