Dave Scott joined Trade Ocean as manager of C&F in June this year bringing 40 years of freight industry experience with him. 

Dave, how have you found Trade Ocean thus far? 
I like the open communication and the fact that our input is valued. Suggestions are considered and the implementation of new policies and procedures follow a democratic process amongst managers. ISORight is a good example of this. 

Four traits that you most admire in employees? 
Dedication. Passion towards the job. A good team player. Positive attitude. 

Now let’s find out about Dave the person. 

Married to Andre for 28 years. No children but 6 dogs. 

Chill time? 
Reading. Cooking. And watching tennis. 

Favourite weekend destination? 
The outdoor life and peace of the Drakensberg. 

You need to sell a province to China so SA can repay Eskom debt. Which province? 
The province with the least dogs, cats and livestock! 

Who cracks an invite to your dinner party? 
Tom, Jerry and Tweety. 

Thanks Dave. Great to have you at Trade Ocean!