Apart from the devastating economic and financial impact of COVID-19, according to the WHO (World Health Organisation), the psychological effect has been underestimated. They believe that the impact is significant and will be felt for some time to come. 

“Humans tend to struggle with change but our world was turned upside down without warning. Mothers had to juggle looking after small children while working. Trying to work while home-schooling older children was always a challenge. Losing the “my time” that the office brings. Family or partners who lost jobs, income and in some instances, lives. As social beings, the loss of real contact with friends and family was acutely felt. And not all people adapted well to working from home. Let’s not underestimate the psychological impact of COVID-19″, says HR’s Juvena Rhodes. 

Juvena suggests that if you are struggling to cope psychologically, you should seek help from your GP as you would for any other debilitating medical condition. 

“There is no stigma to suffering from anxiety or depression, especially in these times. It is a very human condition which is treatable. In these last months, cases of mental well-being treatment have more than doubled so if you are struggling, you are not alone”.