Let’s find out more about energetic and spirited Janet Lotz, Johannesburg’s new pricing specialist. 

Janet, you joined in October. Early impressions of Trade Ocean? 
Friendly, welcoming people – always ready to joke when the opportunity presents itself. 

Married? Single? Pets? 
Single. I have a succulent that survived for 3 months. Does that count as a pet now? 

How do you chill outside of TO? 
I’m interested in everything. I love learning about new things. In my spare time I hike, mountain bike, do open water swimming, bake cakes, do some photography and I draw. I read anything I can lay my hands on. 

Favourite meal? Who makes it best? 
Nando’s … and Nando’s lol. 

All-time favourite movie and series? 
Movie – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. 
Series – The Big Bang Theory. 

You can go anywhere for a holiday. Where would you head for? 
Antartica – how else am I going to bag the 7 summits 

Who would you like to quarantine for 10 days with? 
Hmmm … I’d have to say Robin Williams, Terry Pratchett and my best friend and partner in crime on many adventures, Robin Brentley. 

Thanks Janet, great to have you with Trade Ocean!