When opting to make use of air freight forwarding in South Africa through Trade Ocean, you can expect fast and efficient assistance. Air freight allows for the transport of goods to almost anywhere in the world, and with express forwarding options to choose from, it is the fastest way to move goods.

Trade Ocean has accreditation with customs and also boasts accounts with all of the major national and international airports. This means we can ensure efficient customs clearance and air freight forwarding services, along with delivery, at highly reasonable rates.

There are three categories of air freight forwarding; namely goods travelling on passenger airlines, goods on dedicated cargo planes, and large scale freight with super cargo planes. Trade Ocean can cater for all three, so no matter the size of your cargo, will be able to provide solutions.

As part of our air freight services in South Africa, Trade Ocean can manage inspections, secure releases and supervise same-day delivery in and around the country.

Make contact with a consultant at Trade Ocean for more information regarding our air freight services.