At the beginning of 2012, predictions were that the air freight industry growth rates would continue to experience a decline into stagnancy. As the year draws to a close however, these claims can be evaluated in light of last month’s 26th International Air Cargo Forum.

The conference, which was hosted by global non-profit trade association TIACA in Atlanta, was said to be the largest forum in its history and represented over 100 countries at the event. Attended by senior executives from all over the world and over 200 exhibitors, discussions were held on time-relevant topics. Covering the subject ‘Meeting Customer Expectations in a Changing World: The CEO Viewpoint,’ industry chief executives called for the transformation of the air logistics industry.

Industry Leaders Call for Collaboration with Consumers

CEOs from Delta Air Lines, UPS, CEVA Logistics, Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings and Coca Cola Refreshments identified and tackled the primary issues evident in the air cargo market. According to them, collaboration with customers is essential to gaining a share in today’s sluggish but stable economy.

Stressing the need for “better and smarter” air logistics solutions, Chief Product Supply Officer for Coca Cola, Brian Kelley, spoke on behalf of consumer patrons and noted that “volatility will continue.” Kelley also brought up the reality that companies will still be dealing with customers who are cautious, and that they need to be prepared for this.

IATA Airlines Aim for Carbon Neutral Growth by 2020

The CEO of Delta Airlines, Richard Anderson, ended off the talks by concluding that “[no] industry has a better track record than aviation.” Speaking on behalf of the IATA airlines represented at the forum, Anderson verbally reiterated their commitment to building globally responsible companies and carbon neutral growth by 2020.