Trade Ocean provides yacht shipping services to the Superyacht community. More than 25 years in the shipping industry has provided Trade Ocean with the experience and expertise to cater for this specific, unique luxury sector.

Our yacht shipping service has allowed us to handle well known superyachts that come to South Africa’s ports. The beautiful Victoria & Alfred Marina in Cape Town berth some of the most prestigious superyachts in the world and offers a competitive port service combined with comfort and a truly first world experience.

Trade Ocean’s team speak different languages and understand the various different cultural needs. They have excellent relationships with local authorities which enable them to arrange best possible berths, special owner’s requirements and logistics.

Trade Ocean take ownership and their clients experience this at all time, as they are constantly taking care of their clients’ specific needs with the same responsibility and professionalism as they do their own.
Please feel free to contact Trade Ocean for existing client references.

Experience an African destination with International attention.

For more information about Superyacht please contact Paula Giusti at