Port Services

Cape Town is one of the busiest ports in South Africa, with port services including significant repair and maintenance facilities.

Port services in Cape Town are geared to handle South Africa’s largest amount of fruit exports, as well as services large fishing fleets and the West African oil industry. The excellent port service found in Cape Town harbour is also ideal for the many cruise ships that berth in Cape Town.

Port services in Durban, the gateway to Africa, have been developed over the last 150 years and today, admirably caters for what is purported to be the second largest container terminal in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Port Of Johannesburg is the largest dry port in the world, consisting of the container terminal at City Deep, which has been declared an IDZ (industrial development zone) by the Gauteng government. Johannesburg is one of the world’s leading financial hubs and it is the economic and financial centre of South Africa.

Imports by sea usually reach Johannesburg via the port of Durban. Shipments can be cleared and unpacked in Durban for on-carriage to Johannesburg, or forwarded directly to Johannesburg and cleared / unpacked there.

The Port Of Walvis Bay, with sheltered deep water and a temperate climate, provides excellent port services for the thousands of vessels which make port calls each year. The port of Walvis Bay is located half way down the coast of Namibia, with direct access to principal shipping routes, This makes Walvis Bay a natural gateway for international trade, and is a popular and reliable option as it is rare that delays are caused by bad weather.