Emerging Markets in International Tug & OSV

Diversification is key to regional success

The Port of Cape Town, South Africa, continues to attract the bulk of the region’s oil & gas clients, but as marketing executive Paula Giusti writes, Trade Ocean is taking note of port developments in Walvis Bay, Namibia, that could make it an important logistics and service base in the future

No relief from bunker disruption in Port of Cape Town

It’s been several months since the decommissioning of the marine gas oil (MGO) pipelines in the Port of Cape Town and the situation continues to stifle businesses with no real viable solution on the table to adequately address the needs of the fishing fleets using the port for bunker calls.

Into Africa

Namibia’s Michelle Kirov and Rudie Kleintjie visited the DRC

The main reason for the visit was to call on existing accounts such as Otrac (Liberty) and Marine International (ETS Geant).

After visiting Otrac and Marine International, the Trade Ocean team joined the Port Authorities team which held an information session in the DRC. The delegation met with companies such as Impala Copper Mine, Brasimba, Hyper Psaro and Chinese Timber Traders, providing excellent exposure for Trade Ocean.

The trip had one scary moment. The Trade Ocean team were chilling on the hotel patio when a Black Mamba took an interest in the visitors and slithered towards them. Fortunately, the brave and trusty waiter took the mamba out with a hammer.

Brand Master

Our latest and greatest Brand Master is


Theony wrote a wonderful song about Trade Ocean’s Company and Brand Values. She then stood up at the Namibia year end function and sang it beautifully and with so much sincerity. This was entirely her own initiative and it says volumes for her pride in our Trade Ocean brand.

Other worthy nominees for the quarterly Brand Master award were Tammy Wells, Peter Amos, Aisha Abrahams, Mbongeni Mqungquthu and Shana Smith.

Well done and thank you to all of you.

Getting To Know You

Five things you should know about Arlene February, new Data Capturer in Cape Town:

  1. How do you chill?

I enjoy spending time with my family, reading and writing music. And cleaning really relaxes me.

  1. Favourite restaurants?

I’m new to Cape Town but ROCOMAMA has a chilled environment, amazing service and an easy menu. They have the most amazing burgers and fries.

  1. Craziest thing you have ever done?

If I ever do anything crazier than the Sling Shot at Ratanga Junction then I’ve lost my mind!

  1. You’ve won R 1 million and have a day to spend it.

I’d buy a house and furniture.  Also,  a car but nothing flashy.  If there is any left over, I would go shopping.

  1. What else can you tell us?

My four year old son Tristan is the love of my life. I studied journalism and have a diploma in Business Administration. My entire family works in the shipping industry. I’m crazy about motorsports, every event at Killarney – I’m there!!


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