All The Best, Peter

Hanging up the hard hat.

Find out what Peter will be doing on retirement

After 45 years of service in the agency industry and over 10 years of loyal service to Trade Ocean, Peter has decided that the time is now right to hang up his hard hat and hook and take his well-deserved retirement. He will officially be on retirement as of 1 July 2017.

“Uncle Peter’s” contribution over the years as an Agent (particularly in the Japanese sector) his work ethic, sense of humour and his mentoring role to many of the “jongspan” has helped in no small measure to make Trade Ocean the company it is now. We will miss Peter and the value he brings to Trade Ocean and our clients.

But before dashing off on retirement Peter found time for a quick chat.

Peter, what are you going to be doing all day?

I have planned to indulge myself in a hobby of gardening, take a little holiday and then there’s repairs on my dream home.

You must have collected many memories over the years?

It all started when visiting Japan with David San and meeting the owners of all the fishing vessels. My fondest memory is working with the Chinese staff, especially Christopher Ding – a very colourful chap. My favourite staff member to terrorize is Hiro Shan!

You spent a lot of time with the Japanese. Tell us about them.

I like their style – they have such a clean nature. They are a hard- working and systematic nation with loads of respect for people and life.

Last thoughts?

I loved what I did for 45 years. When loving what you do, you tend to treasure the people you work with in general.

Peter, we wish you a very healthy, happy and long retirement!

The Newbies


We find out more about some of our new team members, all potential Brand Masters!

We are all wonderfully different but our brand values unite us at Trade Ocean!

Newbie Mahdiyyah Mohammed
Position Junior Debt Collector
Career Studied at CPUT, this is my first year of formal working experience
Personal Happily single, one cat
Favourite movie Frozen
Dream holiday Paris
Yummiest meal Butter chicken with garlic naan
Trade Ocean brand value(s) you associate most closely with Mutual respect


Newbie Naveen Suknandan
Position Route Controller
Career 18 years in Shipping
Personal Married, a 6 year old baby girl who has a rabbit, dog and fish.
Favourite movie City of Angels
Dream holiday Seychelles
Yummiest meal Chillie veg chow mein
Trade Ocean brand value(s) you associate most closely with Involvement
20170619_101128 (003)
Newbie Fabian Bull
Position Trainee (Ships Agency Admin).
Career Started career in Shipping as an Invoice Clerk.
Personal Single
Favourite movie Godfather 1,2,3.
Dream holiday Tokyo
Yummiest meal Lasagna pasta
Trade Ocean brand value(s) you associate most closely with Involvement
Garth Wait
Newbie Garth Wait
Position Route Controller.
Career 13 years in industry
Personal Separated, have a 7 year old son with blue eyes and blonde hair.
Favourite movie Deadpool
Dream holiday Thailand Islands
Yummiest meal Lasagna
Trade Ocean brand value(s) you associate most closely with Involvement, confidence.

Our Brand Masters Shine Bright!

Rock stars, legends and young talent

This quarter recognises two truly remarkable Brand Masters, Alicia and Navash.

Namibia’s Alicia De Oliveira is a school leaver and a temp. Brands are all about how people experience something. In this case, how people experience Alicia as a person and colleague.

“…astounded us …efficiency …accuracy… willingness… takes on new tasks… will excel in any position…”

Alicia, what can we say? Fantastic, thank you! Shine bright and stand out!

SA’s nomination of Navash Persadh from KZN proved a point about what really makes a brand. When enough people think or say similar things about your service, you’re on your way to becoming a brand. Navash had a number of nominations – let’s summarise how he is experienced:

“…exemplary employee… don’t have space to list all the extraordinary things he does… goes above and beyond… even completes other employees tasks after hours… handled a very sensitive situation professionally…”

Navash – you’re a Brand Master, rock star and legend all rolled into one. Thank you and keep that star shining!

Of course, it takes a whole lot of people to build a company’s brand. Another very worthy nomination was Cape Town’s Rayhaanah Beg who attracted the attention of her colleagues for going that extra mile and being great at what she does!

It’s a good time to ask yourself:

How do your colleagues experience you?

A Waterborne Safari Cruising the Southern African Coast

THE SIMPLE TRUTH IS THAT YOU WILL NOT FIND A Southern African marina included on in any one of the top 10 listings of superyacht destinations. These lists are dominated by marinas in Italy, Spain, France and the USA etc. that are touted as ‘elite destinations’ with infrastructure that cater to the extended lengths and draughts of these luxury vessels. It is also true that the sheer size of some of the world’s super yachts can see them relegated to commercial harbours and not to the more comfortable yacht basins of Southern Africa. But that does not mean you cannot make the region a destination of choice, or that it has nothing noteworthy to offer.


Trade Ocean acted as agents for Nampower for huge Transformers and accessories discharged in Walvis Bay over the weekend of 4 March. Cargo was extremely sensitive and took a lot of planning and co-ordinating between us, stevedoring, transporters, shipping lines and Nampower engineers.