Import and Export of Perishable Cargo


Wide acceptance
Trade Ocean’s accreditation at the Department of Customs enables us to submit documentation for the customs clearance of air freight electronically at the relevant airports.

We also have accounts with all of the major national and international airlines and ancillary service providers, enabling our customs brokers to obtain air freight and other releases as soon as possible. We facilitate the quickest and most efficient clearance and delivery of cargo.

Efficient & secure
In addition to our customs brokerage, as part of our array of air freight services in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Walvis Bay, we manage air freight inspections, obtain releases and oversee same-day delivery. This is to ensure the quick, efficient and secure handling of client cargo, both to and from South Africa.

Trade Ocean has close ties with all the health departments, which processes releases for air freight clearances in Johannesburg and our other locations as part of our complete customs brokerage services.



Fully accredited
When it comes to ocean freight, Trade Ocean is at the forefront of modern clearing agent technology. Through its accreditation with the Department of Customs and Excise, all clearing and forwarding agent’s documents are submitted through the EDI system. Skilled staff submit bills of entry through this paperless system, which is quick and efficient.

With over 100 years of collective experience in customs brokerage, our clearing and forwarding agents can assist with the interpretation of the Customs Act and tariffs, classifying products correctly.

Geared for speed
Owing to our online service with Customs, we expedite documentation presented for clearance. We have a team of staff who are permanently on the road, collecting any clearing and forwarding documents and obtaining releases from port authorities and shipping lines. Our freight agents also assist clients with ITAC permit applications, State Vet permit applications and the customs registration documentation process to get our clients registered with customs.

Round the clock
Trade Ocean clearing and forwarding agents provide 24-hour dock supervision to oversee the loading and unloading of cargo from the vessels that we represent as well as other vessels carrying the cargo of our clients. We also engage accredited surveyors in order to provide certification for any freight, where and when required.

Perishable cargo
As established clearing agents, Trade Ocean manages one of the largest perishable networks in South Africa, with full logistical services; these include SABS inspections and State Vet releases. We are also a customs clearance company that specialises in fish and meat.