Our Brand Masters Shine Bright!

Rock stars, legends and young talent

This quarter recognises two truly remarkable Brand Masters, Alicia and Navash.

Namibia’s Alicia De Oliveira is a school leaver and a temp. Brands are all about how people experience something. In this case, how people experience Alicia as a person and colleague.

“…astounded us …efficiency …accuracy… willingness… takes on new tasks… will excel in any position…”

Alicia, what can we say? Fantastic, thank you! Shine bright and stand out!

SA’s nomination of Navash Persadh from KZN proved a point about what really makes a brand. When enough people think or say similar things about your service, you’re on your way to becoming a brand. Navash had a number of nominations – let’s summarise how he is experienced:

“…exemplary employee… don’t have space to list all the extraordinary things he does… goes above and beyond… even completes other employees tasks after hours… handled a very sensitive situation professionally…”

Navash – you’re a Brand Master, rock star and legend all rolled into one. Thank you and keep that star shining!

Of course, it takes a whole lot of people to build a company’s brand. Another very worthy nomination was Cape Town’s Rayhaanah Beg who attracted the attention of her colleagues for going that extra mile and being great at what she does!

It’s a good time to ask yourself:

How do your colleagues experience you?

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