More late nights for Linda

We spoke to Linda who started at Trade Ocean Durban in June 2015 as Import Controller.

What course kept you up, Linda?

The International Forwarding Part 1 course. I studied at the SDS – Skills Development Specialists.

You achieved a Top 3 spot. Well done! How does that feel?

Yes, I came within the Top 3 for the Durban class. I was totally surprised and overwhelmed, really didn’t expect it. It was very difficult to adjust my routine to find the time to study. A lot of late nights and very early mornings!

And what’s next?

Well, SDS does offer International Forwarding Part 2. I have thought about it seriously and will attempt it in 2017. I am currently prepping myself for those late nights and early mornings. LOL!

To put all this work in, you must enjoy the industry. What is it that attracts you?

The container industry could claim to be the world’s first truly global industry. Our industry also enables a global economy. It connects countries, markets, businesses and people. We can trade on a scale not previously possible. Regarding the actual work – customer relations, learning about different countries, liaising with foreigners, learning different cultures. And then there’s the deadlines which brings the adrenalin rush!

Trade Ocean CEO David Jooste congratulates Linda and wishes her well with her 2017 endeavours.

“When you are passionate about the industry, new knowledge and understanding fuels the enjoyment of your job and this naturally influences performance,” says David.

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